The one thing I have absolutely no control or discipline over is my consumption of Nutella.
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, sleep, full stomach – there is always room for Nutella. My mum bought us a double jar of it the other day. It has already been licked clean.

For some absurd reason I felt it had some sort of nutritional value. So having just consumed two slices of bread with a few layers of this divine spread, I thought I should atleast know how good (or not) it is for me. AND, to my delight – it is not AS terrible as I thought it might be. Nothing a few good runs can’t get rid of.

NB: If you have never tried Nutella, you dont know what you are missing!

3 thoughts on “Irresistable

  1. Hey guess what I did! I actually went and ate Nutella for breakfast just to verify yr story 🙂 Nice…
    See you in Dubai on 11th?

  2. hey! you should have it with banana. I make nutella/banana sandwhiches ummmm. Or cut up some banana, add some nutella and put in the microwave, its the best.

    I have to see you in Dubai. 11th will definitly not be possible 😦 am bound to the motor show thats starts on that day.(and night)
    Call me when you get here and see what we can work out?

  3. sucheta…

    well i thought i was the only one who loved it as i never heard anyone talk abt it or relish it either… its crazy.. have been hogging onto tat for few yrs now.. join the gang sis… 😉


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