Xmas at the airport

Normally you would cringe at the thought of being at the airport on an occassion like Xmas, well at least normal people would 🙂 But in Dubai, where else can you get a cup of hot chocolate and whipped cream at 4am!?

Alive and kicking post all the bars/restuarants having closed at 3am; Hardees, Eppco or Al Mallah did’nt quite fit the bill. Yes dear readers, my Xmas this year was at Costa Coffee at Dubai airport arrival lounge. And it could’nt have been better. With my dearest friend in Dubai, we watched people at the airport scurrying off to catch their flight, watched planes steer their way to the runway, and talked about our lives. How the year(s) have flown by and what we hope next year will hold for us. I think we missed sunrise by about half an hour.

A random, deep and meaningful post salsa, mohitos and beer. Definitly one of my best Xmas eves.

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