Adios Dubai

This time tomorrow night I will be on a plane to Spain! I will arrive in Valencia Sunday afternoon, and it will be my base for the next 6 months. Hope to learn some Spanish, drink some sangria, eat some paella, and watch some flamenco – la dolce vita! (hopefully I’ll say that in Espanol next time 🙂

I have been lucky to have travelled a lot over the last few years – Cuba, Jamaica, Thailand, Malaysia, Portugal, France; but bound to the 30-day leave period from work , I have never had the chance to be immersed in any one culture completely different to mine. I’ve been told I’d pass off as an Hispanic chica with my brown skin, dark hair and petite body – I look forward to seeing if that holds true.

The smarties at the Spanish Embassy gave me a single entry Espana visa (yes it exists!), which will be nullified if I step over the Spanish border. Guess it’s an excuse to visit the corners of Spain – perhaps I’ll uncover a lost Indian tribe!

Being in completely unfamiliar territory could result in some interesting posts; will see how much I rave and/or rant about the anomalies of a different way of life.

Till then – Adios!

One thought on “Adios Dubai

  1. Good luck Abha ..

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