Mi nueva casa

Yes I have moved into my new place with Spanish husband-and- Bolivian husband roommates. And their dog, Franky. The place is really nice, in the heart of Barrio del Carmen, one of the coolest alternative areas in Valencia. However as much as it was a rosy picture before I came, a few hiccups have surfaced.

If I switch my AC on, it rains in my bathroom.

As I don’t have curtains, I have been giving free shows to all my neighbours.

Franky is not potty trained.

I face the mainroad which is very very noisy!

At night I can hear the conversation of everyone on the street, because it’s narrow and echos.

Ok no more bitching.

The guys are really nice though, and hopefully my Spanish will get a real lift while I am here.

2 thoughts on “Mi nueva casa

  1. Spanish husband-and- Bolivian husband

    does that mean what i think it means? 🙂

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