Gift of the gab

Yesterday I went to a Spanish auction at a bar. No, it is not the classy – big hall, big bucks and designer wear auction we are used to watching on tele; it was an auction of absolute crap.

This dude, owns an antique shop and whatever he cannot sell in his shop, he auctions – every Tuesday at midnight, at this bar in the Carmen (I forget the name). All auctions start at €1. And boy can he talk! He sold a dirty blue bucket for 11 Euros! This red flask that you see in the picture went for 9 Euros! Other things included old magazines, sofa pillows, tea cups, hangers! (that by the way went for Euro 3 a piece!) He even sold black and white pictures of people you didn’t know.

It was amazing to see him rock the audience, make them laugh and then make them by something ridiculous, for a ridiculous price. And I thought I had the gift of the gab!

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