Just no ganas!

Yes I have been terribly vaga the last few weeks. Not having the ganas to do anything productive, my days have merely been: Spanish, sun, dancing and day-dreaming. Just one of those introspective yet thoroughly blank phases – have you had those?

But have managed to give myself a kick and should be back on track starting tomorrow. Am off to Barcelona for the weekend – am very excited! will try to take lots of pics and will post them. Need to do the same for Valencia. Ojhala soon.

My blank phase did take me to an eclectic (?) Pet Shop Boys concert though (it was free!) where I sang my heart out to ”It’s a Sin”!

*sigh* hasta pronto!

3 thoughts on “Just no ganas!

  1. Hey, you had disappeared for a while! Dónde has estado?? Day dreaming? Ahhhhh…. now thats the life…

    Make sure you see Mireia this time around in Bcn!!!

    I will see you soon in Spain toooOOOOO!!!!!

    Un besazo!!

  2. I woke up this morning an made a mental note to inform you that I went to my FIRST Salsa class an it was quite entertaining….to say the least.

    Initial thoughts were to scrap it an perhaps sing along with Marc Anthony….which would be inifinitely easier!

    By the end of it, I knew that I would be back….perhaps out of curiosity. Who knows what the next class holds?

    Keep u posted….now that would be quite amusing….a blog on my weekly or rather bi-weekly ordeal…..ooops I meant treat!

  3. Muster: great stuff! keep it going – believe me, once you get into it – it will change your life!

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