Buñol Tomatina Festival

Yes today was Tomatina. For those who haven’t heard about this festival: it is one hour of tomato warfare that takes place in a village called Bunol (38KM from Valencia), every last Wednesday of August.

My flat mates came home totally raped by tomatoes. No clothes or shoes, red eyes and sore bodies. Thank goodness I didn’t have the ganas to go! I suppose I would have gone if I wasn’t Indian and hadn’t played Holi for 10 years of my life. Holi is an Indian festival is played with semi-permanent colour and varnish, by the whole country, ALL DAY, but has some vague yet meaningful significance (which I can’t remember at the moment).

Tomatina – has no reason. People throw tomatoes at each other, for no reason at all. HOW SPANISH :)) It is said that people aren’t drunk because it is in the morning; but I’m sure people were probably drinking all night to be able to enjoy getting their clothes ripped and being smothered by tomatoes.

It’s random cultural things like this that really makes me wonder about the human species sometimes.

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