IHT-Letter to the Editor

The first time I wrote to an Editor (as me and not as Ford Motor Company), and it got published! All of it! [Blogging and PR]

2 thoughts on “IHT-Letter to the Editor

  1. oooh!!!!! Wish I could put my thoughts into words so well!

  2. Firstly congrats.
    Secondly I think it’s already too late. I hear about the big benefits of blog marketing and even though they might seem time intensive (when exchange of money isn’t involved), I think most big brands are going to try (and already are) to take maximum advantage for the blogosphere.
    I mean just imagine you do nothing but release your product, people like it and start talking about it on their blogs. If the products presence is online, it means so much free traffic to their website.
    Why will anyone not try and exploit such a medium?

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