Random last day in Valencia

Today was my last full day in Valencia. The sun was shining, a light yet chilly breeze in the air.
A few random yet ultra cool things that happened today:

– 8am phone call from long-time close friend, wondering where I was.

– Gave my email address to the 55 year old crepe guy down the street. He said he’d like to write to me and send me some photos one day when he buys his own camera.

– Went into the main Cathedral [shamefully] for the first time, attended mass – and ate the ‘body of Cristo’. [curiosity kills the cat?]

– Ate a pure vegetarian meal that was actually pretty good.

– Spent 10 hours chatting with a guy I met 2 days ago. [ Can you believe it?]

-My flatmates cooked me dinner [my last dinner] that was devoured by our beloved dog Franky. I had a kebab.

– My flatmates also took the day off tomorrow to drop me to the airport!

– I witnessed a real cry session [Yes in sadness of my departure!] by people I have spoken to twice in my life. [I’ve got my dams ready for my flatmates]

– My wisdom teeth have begun growing out again. It’s a sign. [?]

-My bag weighs 19kilos! I had brought 30.

Still don’t feel like I’m flying yet.

2 thoughts on “Random last day in Valencia

  1. What happened to the other 11 kilos???

  2. Abha,espero que el viaje no haya sido muy pesado.Eres una de las personas mas sencillas que he conocido,y me has sorprendido por tu tranquilidad a la hora de tomar decisiones.Nos has dejado encantados a Maria José,Paula,Alejandro y a mi por ser como eres.Espero verte pronto,guapa.Muchos besos y un abrazo muy cálido.

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