Logic please?

A fleeting thought I have absolutley every time I use the metro (which would be twice a day, atleast) is: why the hell doesn’t any metro station in Madrid have a bathroom?!

Running from one side of Madrid to the other all day, it almost makes me mad when I can’t run to the bathroom for a wee in between. I have to find a coffee shop – where until recently I felt bad not having a coffee and just using the bathroom – but now I don’t give a shit. I was spending too much money on coffee that I didn’t even want to drink.

In a capital city with a population of about 4 million people, atleast half of whom take the metro twice a day if not more, why wouldn’t you build toilets?

2 thoughts on “Logic please?

  1. Because it costs too much money to keep them clean?? But it would be good!

  2. They are so busy trying to take the metro to the mountains and beyond before the election that the Major Pharaon has forgotten some important issues.

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