Why don’t they have dustbins!?

I’m currently in Barcelona working for the European Radio Awards. Am staying at the swanky Hotel Arts, in quite a swanky room.

But the one thing that has made me swear more than 50 times in the last two days here is that my room doesn’t have a dustbin!

It has a plasma screen with 3 remotes, a CD rack with a selection of music, a weighing scale, enough chocolate to feed a classroom of 4-year-olds, 3 pairs of bathroom and bed slippers, lots of lovely containers with potpourri, more than a few empty bowls on my sink in the bathroom (to spit in?), but no freakin’ dustbin!

Don’t people who stay in swanky hotels use dustbins? where do they throw their rubbish?

So I’ve been using my plastic bags to throw stuff. But since these dudes come to clean your room twice a day, I don’t have any plastic bags left.

Oh, and 3 times in the last 2 days has some house-keeping person rang my doorbell, not waited for me to open, and walked right in. WHAT?! Anyway…(DEEP BREATH)…am not going to rant about that.

A “why the f*** don’t you have dustbins” note is definitely going into their complaint box.

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