Life. And Death. And My Brother.

Something awful happened to my brother a few weeks ago.

On a calm autumn night, as he was walking a friend to her car, a teenager fell out of a 4-storey building and died right infront of him.

He and his friend were the only witnesses. They had to call 911, examine the body and narrate what they saw to the police.

He has finally been able to write about it — you can read the whole story here; it’s just like a movie — the sad thing is that it isn’t.

Scary. Unnerving. Unfair. No-one should have to go through that.

How life can be shocking, so out of our own control, and so freaking unpredictable gives me the shivers and nausea.

It is not uncommon that you read stuff like this in the newspapers and you think ‘holy crap’, but never fathom that it could happen to someone you know.

I feel terrible that my brother had to go through something like this. He is only 17 for goodness sake. But I am so proud of how he handled the situation.

Anish, hats off to you. I love you.

2 thoughts on “Life. And Death. And My Brother.

  1. aww, thank you didi! i love you too.

  2. Ahh you’re his sister?
    Interesting … blogging runs in the family then…
    I read his post on his blog … and yes it was terrible.

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