Question of the day

To all those married and on Facebook:

“Why do you communicate with each other on Facebook?”

3 thoughts on “Question of the day

  1. hey this is entirely unrelated but I was just going through your blog and had a random urge to wave Hi! and I still love your writing! figured it never hurts to get a compliment.

    I’m a friend of your brother’s by the way.

  2. I think I’m the only person I know here in Madrid who is NOT on Facebook 😦

  3. Hi there. Well, I am married and have a Facebook account. All my sisters, cousins and former classmates are there, so it’s easier to keep track on what’s happening in their lives. Oh, and Facebook reminds me of their birthdays 🙂 I guess it’s not really “communicating”, more of keeping in touch. Am I making sense? 😀

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