John Mayer: Free Falling

From his new album: “Where The Light Is“, cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Falling”. Very Dave Matthews, but awesome. Check him out playing it live here.

3 thoughts on “John Mayer: Free Falling

  1. heya…trust me to comment on your Music post…..John Mayer sounded like Dave when he first came out….the influences were there….but today he’s John in his own right…

    His guitar skills are different….his take on note within the chord an melody of a song are sometimes I dunno…..but he’s good…..scary good….an a HUGE INFLUENCE……..

    FYI – bought an electric an really gettin good at guitar….Not ALI good….but soon enough…. 🙂

  2. Muster: I agree, but I thought this song took him back to sounding more like buddy Dave.

    Yaay on the electric guitar!

    Hey did you delete your profile from Stalkbook?

  3. Yeah….off stalkbook….too many skeletons that I didnt think I had were there….so yeah…..hahahaha

    Good to see that things are goin well with yourself…..keep up with the regular posts…..

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