Quote for the day

“I love the detachment of cats, their willingness to be loved but not to respond beyond a certain, very clearly defined point; no cat ever gave its entire heart to any human being.”– Bernard Levin in “On Becoming Fearless” by personal idol Arianna Huffington.

I hate cats. They’re losers. And evil.

Off to Murcia this weekend. Back on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend. Don’t be good 😉

3 thoughts on “Quote for the day

  1. he is a superman! dude is impossible to beat, he has now 7th one. he is one away from number 8.

  2. how can you find this type of matirial…….i also want to know
    (art of living)

  3. Kaushal: Try reading. Or RSS. 🙂

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