Moved to WordPress

My move to WordPress is my first attempt to get some sort of “real” website up and running. gives you multiple page navigation, so it looks like a website rather than a blog.

I tried to be smart and download — where you can basically customize your website as much as you want to. But, damn, it was tough and too technical so I lost patience and am cheating by using while I figure it out. This might explain my sad template. There are a limited number to choose from, and they can hardly be customized; this was the only one I kinda liked. Yes, it’s plain and white. I want to change the header image though but not sure what else to use, so for now you’ll have to learn to like this one 🙂 Yes, they are my eyes incase you were wondering.

Hmmm…or perhaps one of my designer artist friends will draw me a cool header!?

4 thoughts on “Moved to WordPress

  1. Welcome to! I’m sure you’ll begin to love the platform sooner than later. 🙂 There are a really a lot of things you can do with it.

    Douglas Support

  2. Thanks Douglas, and thanks Hitesh for the blog-header downloads. I’m a bit picky, but I did like one. Unfortunately it didn’t look quite as good on my blog.

  3. yah! welcome to wordpress platform..i just also moved last September and i like it. open source!

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