Is summer over? ALREADY!?

Last week I was basking in the warm sun in Ibiza and today, as I write this, I’m wearing a sweatshirt, pj’s, and socks. I froze last night as I slept in my sheets, refusing to take out my winter quilt — it’s the first week of September for goodnesssakesssssss.

I hate the cold. I hate not wanting to get out of bed because it’s dark and freezing. I hate wearing sweaters and socks. I hate using a hair dryer.

I thought it will pass, but it rained instead. Quilt out tonight.

2 thoughts on “Is summer over? ALREADY!?

  1. yep, you need a better theme – to start with AND change that header. Check this out for cool visuals
    Oh, stop cribbing about the weather!!

  2. who else: i don’t like any of the other themes! white is way better than my options. i’m working on the header. well, a few people are working on it for me. i think. thanks for the link, but all the themes are for Macs 😦

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