Rocks (yes, ROCKS) of snow fall in Madrid

I woke up with a scare because this is what was happening outside: (view from my window right now)

That’s the size of the things falling. Hard, fast, and in every direction, along with rain, thunder, and lightning.

I have never seen anything like this in my life! Who was telling me not to complain about the weather?! It’s September! Crap.

7 thoughts on “Rocks (yes, ROCKS) of snow fall in Madrid

  1. “Rocks” of snow? Ummm. . . that’s called hail, Dubai girl! You probably go skiing on sand dunes! “Granizo” in Spanish, not that I’ve ever seen hail in Spain before!

  2. Sean smarty, hail that I know of is rice like, yesterday were falling almost fist size piedras!

  3. Abha dear, hailstones do get that big. Ever heard the proverb, “Sar mundaate hi ole pade”?

  4. It’s happened in Dubai twice.

    I thought all the buildings on SZR would shatter.

  5. Last year in Missouri we had hail the size of golf balls. Every car in town looked like it had been parked on a golf course.

  6. Yeah, it did happen in Dubai – I actually got a bit of it – we just happened to be playing football just when it happened.

    And oh, anyone see “The Day After Tomorrow” ? In the movie, it hails in China, but more than golf balls, foot-long “rocks” bombard the city.

    Ever gonna happen in real life?
    You never know

  7. And it is 70 degrees (Farenheit) or ~ 20 centigrade
    in California…..


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