A toilet story…

Yesterday I dropped my Nokia E65 in the toilet of a bar. It was in my butt pocket. I didn’t realise when it fell in.

Yes, so I think I peed over it. Flushed. And then to my absolute horror saw it sitting at the bottom of the pot. Yes, I took it out. What’s worse? It was in the boys toilet. (Don’t ask me to explain that).

I’m not sure if it’s going to work again. But I gave it the hair dryer treatment and will try switching it on once I think it’s completely dry. Yes, Dad, I will see if the warranty still works.

I’ve lost a lot of numbers, so if any of the people I know who read this blog try to call and I don’t know who you are, I swear this is why.

I have been enjoying sharing phone-toilet stories though. I’m surprised how many people have them!

On a separate note, I’ve decided to move back to Dubai. Get a real job and all that stuff. Already signed a contract. I start working December 1.

I feel quite OK about it. Perhaps it’s not registered yet. More on that later.

6 thoughts on “A toilet story…

  1. yuckssss you took it out!!! Well i guess Iwould do the same 😛

  2. IT WORKSSSSS. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. FULL POINTS TO NOKIA! lets see how long it lasts though.

  3. Noooooo!!!!! Who will I have late breakfasts with?

  4. As a humor writer this post is practically exploding with buzz words of the trade: toilet, boys toilet, phone-toilet, pot, flushed, and butt. The thing is, I’m too classy these days and I wouldn’t touch these words with a ten foot mop handle in order to get a cheap laugh. However, I think I could probably make a good essay out of a word like “Nokia E65 ” (I didn’t realize that you were talking about a phone until I read further on in the post). At least I think I could write something funny about a partial technophobe (me) speculating on just what that Nokia E65 creature looks like. Is it a pet? And if so why did you take it to a bar? Should I call the authorities?

    You must have your reasons but the Madrid vs Dubai living choice seems a bit of a mismatch.

  5. Back to Dubai????

    Sunny California!!! You could even get by with only speaking Spanish here…..


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