Social-networking hits the streets

From an article in CNN today:

“…German company aka-aki is on a mission to get social networkers away from their PCs and onto the streets.

You can download its service to your cell phone for free and if your phone has Bluetooth it will vibrate when another aka-aki member comes within 20 meters of you. You can then view that person’s profile and, if you like what you see, message them, or perhaps even risk a real-life conversation. Would you want to see the profiles of people you pass in the street?

Launched in April this year, aka-aki now has nearly 13,000 users. But where other social networks aim to increase their membership as rapidly as possible, for aka-aki it’s essential that membership is initially concentrated in one area, so that members are likely to run into each other.

This kind of mobile social networking could revolutionize your social life. If you’re at a night club and you want to know who’s around, just check your cell phone.”

Crazy, eh?

3 thoughts on “Social-networking hits the streets

  1. wow, that will be nothing short of a revolution, …

  2. very interesting! I welcome it to India!

    btw, just now I realised, what is it that gets me recall your blog often! Its simple. the only difference between our first names is that of “y”. That’s y!

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