Shekhar Kapur’s Blog

There are two men in the Indian entertainment industry who I’ve always had an intellectual crush on: 1) Rahul Bose, 2) Shekhar Kapur. Rahul Bose seems to have dropped off the face of this earth, but Shekhar Kapur is very much foaming the local and international film industry, and for the last few years, the blogosphere too.

I’ve only just discovered his blog, and for the last few months I’ve been hooked. He is a wonderful writer, not afraid to talk about sensitive issues, be it politics or passion. His blog reaks and rants the person he is, but in a way that makes not only understand him, but adore him and his worldly yet personal opinion. He writes some hard-hitting poetry, that, I imagine is a way he turns his inner-screams into a constant flow of creativity, perhaps as a constructive relief of sorts.

I enjoy his blog because it’s heavy on substance as well as emotion. Do check it out. A good place to start would be his “About Myself” post.

4 thoughts on “Shekhar Kapur’s Blog

  1. yeah i am a regular reader of his blog

  2. Ya I know you are, Bhawana. Actually, I think I may have disovered his blog from yours.

  3. Raghuvir: Thanks for stopping by! I’m currently in Madrid.

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