Communication 10,000 years from now

It’s 10:30am and what I need to do now is write an essay about how, if something permanently catastrophic happens on this planet, how will we, as responsible citizens of today, work towards making sure that message is received by the people / aliens who will live on our planet, 10,000 years from now. In other words, I need to think of some wonderous form of communication that will last that long.

Oh, and it’s got to be written in Spanish.

Of course, when we were given this assignment in class yesterday, we all sat there with looks of stunned disbelief. Like, is this really our homework? The professor picked up on that and told us to think about the Bible, and how it’s been the same for thousands of years — our communication plan would have to follow a similar path.

My Spanish professor is a whackjob.

3 thoughts on “Communication 10,000 years from now

  1. people will look into their eyes and understand everything :)))))

  2. HeY! come to my blog and share your most romantic song…

  3. ….and he reads your blog….

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