Down time

Sorry for the lack of posting here. Between unpacking, working full-time, and car hunting, and doing the odd posts on Gadling and Vagablogging, I haven’t had much inspiration to write.

I hope I will snap out of that soon.

Otherwise I’m joining every online “Españoles en Dubai” group I find online. It would be awesome to have a Spanish group of friends here. Am watching a Spanish film almost everyday (I brought back 16 with me), and am reading Cortazar. Ha. Tough, but I love it.

Still a little down. But that’s OK. I’m just letting myself be; I’ll be over it soon. I hope.

All for now. Bear with me a bit and I promise a more cheerful and interesting post soon.

Whoever’s still reading me, thank you! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Down time

  1. I am still reading your blog, although you’re no longer Madrid (and I still haven’t managed to find pani puri ;-))

    Anyway, just wanted to wish you all the best in Dubai and coincidentally I’ll be around visiting my parents out there for Xmas and New Years if you fancu a guiri spanish conversation!

    Keep up the blogging!

    • Hey Oswald! It’s always wonderful to hear from readers! We should totally meet when you are here. Email me when you get here and I will send you my telephone number! Hasta entonces.

  2. Cool, will do! Can’t wait to get out there and defrost, it’s bloody cold in Madrid!

    Will drop you a note.


  3. Downtime is good for you! I’m in a serious post-book slump right now, and I still have another deadline Friday. Then I’ll be free. Oh, wait, my kid will be out of school. Ah well. zzzzzzzzz

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