Blogging and dinner

In my mental quest to get this blog active again, work has overruled and left me drained of any ounce of intelligence or wit to share. But, after a long day where I went up the Burj Dubai (yes, lucky me — privileges of working for who I work for!), did a PR proposal, and spent the evening in a briefing session for DIFF, I did manage to whip up a half-decent meal: fresh meat beef steak well-cooked with garlic, oven-baked potato rosti’s (frozen, I must admit), fresh avocado with pepper, boiled sprouts and original Bisto gravy (not in pic) generously poured on top. Time to prepare meal: 15-minutes. Not bad, eh!? (Ok, real cooks are not allowed to comment).

Just when I was thinking of giving up meat and becoming a fishitarian (for no real reason but experiment), this simple meal told me that was out of the question.

Anyway, not much else really. The next two weeks are quite busy at work with DIFF and the Dubai Motor Show (so much for holiday season!), but I do want to push myself to write some substance on here, I miss writing. I feel a little restricted writing openly here for silly reasons such as urrrr.. it’s Dubai, it’s small, I don’t want people I work with and for to read my personal noise, and other rubbish like that that I need to get over. I’m also suffering from the subconscious resistance to turning 30 soon (HOLY F***), but more on that later. In the meantime, please bear with the odd beef post.

P.S: Strawberries and ice-cream for dessert.

3 thoughts on “Blogging and dinner

  1. The big THREE-OOOO….damn….I’m gettin there too… its kinda freakin me out……wanna get a lot done before then…….who knows……I just talk…….dont really do much about it……hehehehehe

  2. Hi,Abha-wow-a trip up the Burj Dubai? Some pics coming up,I hope? Did you go to the viewing gallery?

    Hey,you love writing,right?And,what better avenue than a blog?Specially coz you’re your own editor?(That’s one of the prime reasons I love blogging..:))A big grin at’subconscious resistance to turning 30 soon’…when’s the errr..big day??

  3. Thirty? HA! Try forty! Then you’ll be freaking out. I always forget how much younger you are than I am. I guess it’s because you’ve done so much.

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