Update and thought for the day

I’m not doing very well with my resolution to write more on here. Oh well. Just got back from a lovely holiday in Japan and Taiwan. Went to visit two of my close friends who showed me the best time. I’m really lucky to have some awesome friends. Hopefully some posts should come out of the trip — I took notes on my holiday for the very purpose. Now just need to get my act together and write.

In the meantime I’m leaving you with a liberating quote. Found it on Facebook;  Googled it, didn’t find it anywhere so no information on the who’s and when’s.

It’s in Spanish and translates to: “Life protects those who decide to be free.”

Thought for the day

My Mum sent me this quote about a week ago; and ever since have received it a few times and think it’s just great.  It’s simple but gives you that whack on the head we all need once in a while, especially when we wake up grumpy.

Tried to find out who originally wrote it, but couldn’t —  so if any of you know, please share. Here it is:

“Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t, and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.”

Anyhoo.  Sorry for not posting much.

Six-Word Autobiography


Most of you must have heard of six-word memoirs, an idea that famed out of proportion when launched by Smith Magazine.

Inspired by Ernest Hemmingway’s six-word story (the shortest story in the world) : “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” (which I don’t exactly get), the magazine ran a competition on Twitter for best six-word autobiography. 11,000 entries were received and a book deal secured.

When I first heard about it (at least 6 months ago) I thought it was fantastic, and have been meaning to write about it ever since. However, I had to have my six-word autobiography before that and man, IT’S TOUGH!

Anyhoo, for what it’s worth — here’s mine:

“Hippy trapped in ambitious Indian body.”

Bleh. I know. But seriously, it’s tough.

Here are some I like a lot (from NPR):

“Never really finished anything, except cake.” – Carletta Perkin

“Artist, disabled. Feeling mislabeled. Ambition tabled.” – Patrick Dentinger

“Former child star seeks love, employment.” – Justin D Taylor

“Not quite what I was planning” – title of the book

So what would yours be? Share it here if you feel like it!

Sides of Dubai

Great piece in the Guardian today about life in Dubai. It is not often that such honest, objective, and well-written stories come out of the city. Such stories will never be published in the local newspapers.

So if you are interested in reading about “real” life in Dubai, as opposed to crazy architecture, artificial islands, and 7-star hotels, this feature is a must read.

Here are two excerpts from the piece:-


“…we’ve all made a pact with the devil to be here. You get the tax-free salary, but in return you have to give up all your rights. There’s no accountability, no transparency, no rule of law. There’s no legislative body. Very few employment rights. It looks like a modern country, but it takes more than a few skyscrapers to create one of those. Scratch the surface and it’s a different story. And if you’re a silly young girlie who gets into trouble, then forget it.”

But also so true:

“…somehow Dubai manages to be all things to all people. It’s capitalism’s ultimate expression: the land of opportunity, the most developed city in the Middle East, a free port. It’s ruled absolutely by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and is a constituent part of the UAE, a federation of seven emirates, including, down the road, immensely oil-rich Abu Dhabi, whose ruling family has just bought Manchester City. Dubai, on the other hand, never had much oil; it’s been forced to develop in other ways, to provide whatever is needed, and it’s done so more quickly and successfully than anyone could anticipate. It knows what the rest of the world wants and has built it before anyone else has even realised.”

Things couldn’t be better said about living in Dubai.

A little bit of me is going to die when I leave Madrid and move back to this maddening city. Or, perhaps better (and more positively said — thanks N), a little bit of me is going to be left behind. Yup. I’m kinda feeling it now.