Back? Maybe!

I have to, HAVE TO get this blog running again. I miss it a lot. I’ve just got myself an iPhone4 (yaay!) on which I have downloaded the WordPress app, so I hope it will push me to post something. Like this post, which is nothing really but something! Will have to get used to this touch pad though, my wrist isn’t responding too well to it.

Stay connected for something soon.

Update and thought for the day

I’m not doing very well with my resolution to write more on here. Oh well. Just got back from a lovely holiday in Japan and Taiwan. Went to visit two of my close friends who showed me the best time. I’m really lucky to have some awesome friends. Hopefully some posts should come out of the trip — I took notes on my holiday for the very purpose. Now just need to get my act together and write.

In the meantime I’m leaving you with a liberating quote. Found it on Facebook;  Googled it, didn’t find it anywhere so no information on the who’s and when’s.

It’s in Spanish and translates to: “Life protects those who decide to be free.”

Blogging and dinner

In my mental quest to get this blog active again, work has overruled and left me drained of any ounce of intelligence or wit to share. But, after a long day where I went up the Burj Dubai (yes, lucky me — privileges of working for who I work for!), did a PR proposal, and spent the evening in a briefing session for DIFF, I did manage to whip up a half-decent meal: fresh meat beef steak well-cooked with garlic, oven-baked potato rosti’s (frozen, I must admit), fresh avocado with pepper, boiled sprouts and original Bisto gravy (not in pic) generously poured on top. Time to prepare meal: 15-minutes. Not bad, eh!? (Ok, real cooks are not allowed to comment).

Just when I was thinking of giving up meat and becoming a fishitarian (for no real reason but experiment), this simple meal told me that was out of the question.

Anyway, not much else really. The next two weeks are quite busy at work with DIFF and the Dubai Motor Show (so much for holiday season!), but I do want to push myself to write some substance on here, I miss writing. I feel a little restricted writing openly here for silly reasons such as urrrr.. it’s Dubai, it’s small, I don’t want people I work with and for to read my personal noise, and other rubbish like that that I need to get over. I’m also suffering from the subconscious resistance to turning 30 soon (HOLY F***), but more on that later. In the meantime, please bear with the odd beef post.

P.S: Strawberries and ice-cream for dessert.

So, here I am…

After a manic few months, this week is the first time I’ve had the luxury of being a little lazy at work.

Laziness at work = guilt, so hell, let’s at least blog 🙂

Not much significant has happened to me lately. Oh I did move into my own apartment.  The bliss.  It’s so great to have your own space, walk around in your underwear, eat straight out of the cooking pan, and not do the dishes if you don’t feel like it.  It’s so easy to forget about little joys. Add to that some microwave-warmed caramel Digestive biscuits and those little joys turn into inspiration that makes you want to conquer the world. Well, not quite but you get the gist. (NB: do not put the biscuits in the microwave for more than 30 seconds, they will burn and smoke up your entire house and yes, the fire alarm will go off).

Socially, I’ve been rather subdued too. The odd crazy night out at Dubai’s *happening* clubs reminds me why I prefer staying at home and watching Brothers & Sisters while eating burnt popcorn.

Lots of thoughts have been brewing inside me lately, although none of them seem to be evolving into anything. They’ve been strong enough to feel, but not strong enough to react to.

I read these lines on a blog today and at this undefined point in my life, I identified with them strongly:

I am undetermined.

I have an urge for performance.

I like to do things by myself.

I like to listen to others stories, rather than tell my own.

I don’t like being alone. I don’t like socializing, but I’m not an introvert.

I’m too slack to think. I tell myself : “There is nothing to worry about. I should just seize the moment and enjoy myself.”

Right. I don’t know what it means that I feel the above. I’m neutral that I feel it. But I have a strange throbbing instinct that something is going to come of it all.

These thoughts may be ephemeral and shallow. But they could also be profound, volatile and revealing. Maybe they are just marking the fact that I’m getting older, maybe even growing up – finally! I really don’t know. But what I do know is that, for once, I’m just going let myself be.

So, yeah…

I wrote my last post on vagablogging a few days ago, you can read it here. It doesn’t really say much but hey, it’s the last squeak from my vagabonding life.

Thanks to all the readers who wrote me emails saying that they liked my posts and will miss them! It’s so great to hear from people who have connected with you because of what you wrote. They’ve encouraged me to focus on getting my act together and write things beyond rants. Which has been the plan, and is the plan, but I’ve just been sitting on it. Writing anything of remote significance takes the back of the back burner when you’ve worked 10 hours in an office infront of a computer brewing strategy presentations.

For the last two weeks I’ve been waking up every morning thinking: tonight I’m going to go for a run and write a good blog post. I come come every evening thinking: no effing way. I’m going to eat some ice-cream and watch One Tree Hill (that soppy Dawson Creek style teenage drama that comes on channel One).

So I haven’t written about Slumdog Millionaire; hell, I haven’t seen it yet. Pure curiosity and amazement made me clip numerous articles on the Satyam and Madoff scandals; I was to put them together and write a piece attempting to be an investigative journalist. Hasn’t happened either. And Obama taking his seat? Well that I just didn’t want to write about. I’m thrilled about him and a core member of the “infatuated by Obama” group, but so are over 300 million people. For the last 2 months I’ve been reading a collosal amount of stuff on social media and its impact on society and marketing. My mind is suffering from information overload about that, so once I have the capacity to process the info, perhaps I will whip out a post.

I’m not far away from achieving the my resolution of reading 2 books a month. I read the White Tiger and am almost done with Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture. If you haven’t already seen Randy’s Last Lecture video, watch it here — goosebumps I tell you.

I’ve cut off ties with people who I’ve known forever but who choose to revel in their ego and treat others like toilet paper. Nothing is worth being subject to undeserved disrespect, a lesson that has taken me a long time to learn. Some people just don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. Anyhoo.

Man, I wish I could write like her.

Alright, it’s midnight, I’m tired and can’t stand being infront of a computer anymore today, so all for now.

Homeless with a flute and a song

Everyday last week, I saw this homeless man walk around – either in my barrio or in one of the neighbouring ones – slowly and peacefully, with a flute, playing Greensleeves.

He must not be more than 35-years old, wears striped red and black Alice-in-Wonderland tights, has a plaited-mullet, and a plaited-beard. He carries a small backpack and just walks around, playing the song at a slow and sad pace. He plays, and repeats, and plays and repeats. I imagine he looks to earn a buck or two for some food, or drugs. Or perhaps it’s what keeps him sane on the street; his form of meditation?

Yesterday and today, around 6pm, from my home I could hear his flute, again playing Greensleeves. I ran from window to window, frantically trying to find him, to get a glimpse of him strolling emotionlessly down the street. The sound of his flute playing Greensleeves haunts me and gives me goosebumps, I’m not sure why.

Greensleeves was one of the first songs I learnt to play on my recorder. The song brings back memories of my life as a child in England, of me in my warm home, practising playing my recorder as my mum cooked chicken curry for dinner. Now, when I hear the tune again after so many years, being played by a homeless man wandering the streets, that warm memory shatters and sheds light on a sad reality.

For some reason, I want to give this man a buck, or two. But he doesn’t stop, or ask for money, so I don’t quite know how to do it. I also want to ask him where he learnt to play Greensleeves and if it means anything to him. Like in the song, did he have his heart broken? Did he lose his only love? Is that why he is on the street? Will playing this song bring her back to him? Is he Spanish?

It’s strange how such random impersonal incidents stir profound personal emotions.

For those of you who are not familiar with Greensleeves, here’s a simple flute version which is almost exact to what I’ve been hearing (probably a bit better, though). And here’s a beautiful classical guitar version of the same.

Communication 10,000 years from now

It’s 10:30am and what I need to do now is write an essay about how, if something permanently catastrophic happens on this planet, how will we, as responsible citizens of today, work towards making sure that message is received by the people / aliens who will live on our planet, 10,000 years from now. In other words, I need to think of some wonderous form of communication that will last that long.

Oh, and it’s got to be written in Spanish.

Of course, when we were given this assignment in class yesterday, we all sat there with looks of stunned disbelief. Like, is this really our homework? The professor picked up on that and told us to think about the Bible, and how it’s been the same for thousands of years — our communication plan would have to follow a similar path.

My Spanish professor is a whackjob.

Back. Kinda.

I’ve been off here for a while, but only because lots has been happening. Between going to Dubai for a month, coming back to Madrid, friends visiting, and still blogging for the other blogs I’m financially committed to, my blog has taken a back step. But I want to fix that, I miss ranting on here!

A lot happened in Dubai. Lots of things shook on a personal as well as professional level. I think I’m still digesting it all, hopefully I’ll be done with that stage soon, and it will all come out. (Ok, not the best metaphor but you know what I mean).

Although I’m still a bit homesick, it’s great to be back in Madrid. This city just rocks. Now it’s hot and everyones happy (yes, and frisky 😉 that it’s summer.

My next immediate goal is to get my professional life back on track. I see a few legal obstacles, but I’m working around them.

I’ve started Pilates. OH.MY.GOD. It’s the best thing I’ve done since Salsa. Back to gym and tennis too — so all this after 5 weeks of being a complete couch potato, my body is currently broken. But all good.

Oh, and I’ve joined the Twitterati! (aaaaaaaaaahhh SUCKED-IN!). I’m having issues writing sense in lots of 140 characters, but I guess I’ll get there.

So that’s a quick update on me.

I need to go get my dose of chocolate for the day.