7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Abha, just dropped you a note on facebook with my details. Still in Dubai for a few days, so get in touch! Saludos!

  2. Hi
    Accidently i opened your web page. i just thought of giving you a mail.
    new delhi

  3. hi

    Like to send some of my postcards.
    Kindly see through the link below and give me your valuable suggestions.

  4. Hi Abha

    Your blog on social media and branding is indeed a very good read

    great job and happy blogging

  5. Dear Abha,

    I am a lecturer in Manipal University – Dubai Campus, Dept. of Media & Communications. I would be delighted if you could meet my media students and speak to them on new media. We can work out the details over the mail…happy blogging!!

  6. Hi!

    Its nice to read about you. Thanks

    Roopesh Malpani
    Hyderabad – India

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