60 days, 60 posts


When I think about the death of this blog, it deeply saddens me. Makes me feel like I gave up on something I really enjoyed: writing for myself.

The voices in my head have turned what used to be a simple joy into a conundrum driven by excuses: I don’t have time. I need a new angle for my blog. Let me launch a new blog and start all over. But what will I write about. When will I study. When will I finish all those books that are half read on my bedside table. Between dancing, yoga, running, work, a masters programme, and learning Arabic, I really don’t have time. I need to give up something. But I don’t want to give up anything!  I need to be going out more I don’t have time to blog. I’m turning into a nerd I need to go out more. No one is going to read my blog anyway. I’ve lost my blogger mojo.

Underneath it all is a nagging subconscious that says just WRITE goddammit.

So here I am making time to redeem the pleasure I used to get from writing. And, I’m happy to realize and admit – I don’t need to write earth-shattering posts. As long as I enjoy writing them, it really doesn’t matter.

Starting today, I will write 60 posts in 60 days with hope to repossess my blogging prowess, and discover a new angle for this blog in the process.

I don’t know what I am going to write about. But I will write everyday. I hope some readers I used to have come back! If not, I’ll just be happy to be writing again.

#Day 1, post 1

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So, yeah…

I wrote my last post on vagablogging a few days ago, you can read it here. It doesn’t really say much but hey, it’s the last squeak from my vagabonding life.

Thanks to all the readers who wrote me emails saying that they liked my posts and will miss them! It’s so great to hear from people who have connected with you because of what you wrote. They’ve encouraged me to focus on getting my act together and write things beyond rants. Which has been the plan, and is the plan, but I’ve just been sitting on it. Writing anything of remote significance takes the back of the back burner when you’ve worked 10 hours in an office infront of a computer brewing strategy presentations.

For the last two weeks I’ve been waking up every morning thinking: tonight I’m going to go for a run and write a good blog post. I come come every evening thinking: no effing way. I’m going to eat some ice-cream and watch One Tree Hill (that soppy Dawson Creek style teenage drama that comes on channel One).

So I haven’t written about Slumdog Millionaire; hell, I haven’t seen it yet. Pure curiosity and amazement made me clip numerous articles on the Satyam and Madoff scandals; I was to put them together and write a piece attempting to be an investigative journalist. Hasn’t happened either. And Obama taking his seat? Well that I just didn’t want to write about. I’m thrilled about him and a core member of the “infatuated by Obama” group, but so are over 300 million people. For the last 2 months I’ve been reading a collosal amount of stuff on social media and its impact on society and marketing. My mind is suffering from information overload about that, so once I have the capacity to process the info, perhaps I will whip out a post.

I’m not far away from achieving the my resolution of reading 2 books a month. I read the White Tiger and am almost done with Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture. If you haven’t already seen Randy’s Last Lecture video, watch it here — goosebumps I tell you.

I’ve cut off ties with people who I’ve known forever but who choose to revel in their ego and treat others like toilet paper. Nothing is worth being subject to undeserved disrespect, a lesson that has taken me a long time to learn. Some people just don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. Anyhoo.

Man, I wish I could write like her.

Alright, it’s midnight, I’m tired and can’t stand being infront of a computer anymore today, so all for now.