Narendra Modi: Let’s help him be the change

(Picture via India Today)

India is elated about Modi’s win. He brings boundless hope to a country that many Indians consider damaged beyond repair, myself included.

Modi steps into a position of power with a vision of prosperity for all. His core focus will be on development that aims to improve the quality of life of 1.25 billion people. He promises better infrastructure; hydroelectric power plants; more jobs; more foreign investment; stronger international relations; a 100 new modern cities; and a united country.

From what I understand about Modi, he is a visionary though fierce leader; intelligent, tough, devoted and clear about what he wants to achieve, and perhaps even ruthless in his mission to achieve it. The corruption free prosperity of Gujarat while he was Chief Minister is proof of his abilities. And he is truly innovative! (I can’t get over his holographic rallies!)

However, fixing one state is largely different from fixing a country with 35 territories running with their own bureaucracy, beliefs and varying levels of corruption. Modi has a herculean task before him but he is soaring with confidence, ready to seize it.

I believe that if anyone can reform India, it’s going to be Modi; and clearly the majority of India feels the same. But there is a minority in India who wish his peril and a foreign community that can’t seem to stop warning the world about him.

It’s naïve and idealistic of me to think that the haters will shut-up and let him do his job now that he has won. There will be people, media and agendas digging up dirt on him and scrutinizing his every action. He has tough decisions to make on a domestic and international level, that won’t make everyone happy. He will be watched like a hawk, as they wait for him to stumble so he can be attacked. Unfortunately that is the nature of politics and fodder for media.

And for Godsake, let’s stop talking about what happened in 2002!

We all want to see change. Modi’s authoritarian nature is feared by critics but perhaps it is what India needs to be whipped into shape.

The situation in India is desperate. We have lost decades with the wrong leadership, and patience is no longer our virtue. But we have to give him some time to deliver.

I plead to my fellow Indians, let’s not expect a sudden miracle or radical changes overnight. Let’s make sure we support our new hope and defend it against the evil eye. Modi’s 12-year corruption free record and landslide victory in the polls has earned him the benefit of doubt.

We must give him the chance and time he needs to rewrite India’s destiny. It might just be the only chance we have.

Dubai New Media Event – Day 1

Today was the first day of IIR‘s New Media Conference in Dubai, and I must say, for how new the industry is, and for how little information there is about online trends and demographics for the EMEA region, the gathering was certainly insightful.

There was an interesting mix of people: communication agencies, MEPRA, known local portals (, MBC, MediaME, Zawya), interesting service providers (Effective Measures – can’t find link,, Newsmakers), and corporate blogging expert Debbie Weil, to name a few. Most of the presentations spurred interesting comments and questions, many of which there were no answers to though.

This element of communication for brands is in its nascent stages, so we in the ME market have a lot to experiment before we can learn and get it right. This is mainly because of the lack of audited data, the fact that conventional advertising channels still dominate this market, and that the consumers in each of the 22 markets across the ME, Levant, and N.Africa are so different! So lots to explore, and I was happy to be part of a smart group of people that are going to try to make it happen here.

Anyway, will wrap here because I’m tired and want some ice-cream. I will leave you with notes from Robin at Cybersoc who diligently typed them all up during the conference and posted them; and here is a link to Debbie Weils presentation as well.

I’m going to be live-Tweeting what I can tomorrow AM, so follow me at @abhamalpani, if you want.